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Educational Design & Building in Second Life

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Learn by doing! This eight session workshop covers many design and building basics specifically focused on supporting educators who teach, or plan to teach, in Second Life. Users' ability to design and build the environment is a distinguishing feature of virtual worlds, and provides educators a unique opportunity to support student achievement of learning objectives. Whether you teach science, philosophy, math, art, or other subjects in high school or college, this workshop will improve your teaching. Materials and live sessions are hosted on the EdTech sim. Please note this workshop emphasizes educational building, in particular, and is not an overview of pedagogical methods for virtual world teaching.

Getting Started!

The navigation on the left outlines our eight class sessions. Read the Workshop Overview page to prepare.

This was originally designed as an interactive workshop, but is also available in 3D GameLab.
**Materials and agendas are available at no cost on EdTech Island in Second Life. Check inside Gadgetz' Factory.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.~Chinese Proverb

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"I was a relative newcomer to Second Life when I decided to take the Construction Junction course with Mali Young. The experience was not only eye-opening but it was a turning point for me in the way I perceived the whole notion of virtual worlds. Through this course, I was able to boot-strap my basic skills (moving, camera controls, communication) as well as see a world of possibilities for educational applications within Second Life. The project-organization of the course allowed us to work through the construction of specific structures and experiences from beginning to end so that, while you were learning basic building techniques, you were also adding valuable items to your inventory for later use. I also enjoyed learning from other avatars and making valuable connections with others interested in educational applications. The course was well organized, thorough, and easy to follow. I highly recommend it."
- Robin Heyden (Spiral Theas), Education Consultant, Boston, MA

"Construction junction helped equip me with the tools and best practices for teaching and learning in immersive virtual environments. Each week provided new opportunities to develop technical skills and connect them to sound pedagogical theory. I wholeheartedly recommend this class for anyone who is seeking to learn how to teach in a virtual environment!"
- Dennis Beck (Caleb Negulesco), University of Florida

"This was my first experience taking an in-world workshop and it was brilliant! I would take another class from you again, Lisa! Thanks again for all your help & patience!"
-Peter Leong (Iakaika Miles), University of Hawaii

"Extremely good course and very efficient use of time. Good mix of practical work, field trips, pedagogy and discussion."
- Liz Thackery (lizit Cleanslate), University of Sussex

"Excellent timing and pace. Very open and friendly, interactive and enjoyable."

"Spiral and Chimera are still collaborating in and outside of SL. We frequently refer back to this workshop as we think about how to introduce others to Second Life. Tomorrow we are doing a workshop for some high school biology teachers on Web 2.0 tools, and Wikispaces is one of the lessons. This Wikispace is the first one I ever worked in, and up it popped up in my list when I signed in to look at the new one for the students for tomorrow (nearly 2 years later). We are also doing a Second Life workshop for them the day after tomorrow. You are a great teacher Mali/Lisa. There were many "firsts" in this class for me. Wicked fun!
- Liz Dorland (Chimera Cosmos), Washington University in St. Louis

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