Walk-through tutorial

Student Projects: Promoting Interactivity in Learning

In our last session, we talked about building projects that help teachers and students provide information. But how can we move beyond passive learning in Second Life? Are there ways to build, or objects we can build, that promote interactivity to support engagement in the learning process?

In this session, we'll take a look three different forms of building projects and tools that can support such pedagogical activities as virtual tours, scavenger hunts, and assessment. These projects include:

1. Inworld survey tools (treasure HUD and interactive quiz)
2. Walk-through tutorials
3. Tour HUDs

Check our Resources page for inworld locations on where to get more information and educational tool supplies.


  • Identify building projects that support interactivity in learning
  • Associate capabilities of interactivity builds with appropriate pedagogical objectives

Today's Activities

  • Visit a walk-through tutorial
  • Use an interactive HUD
  • Discuss ways HUDs can be used to support interactive instruction

Today's Building Projects

  • Create a walk-through tutorial
  • Create your own educational touring HUD
  • Set up an inworld survey or assessment (two options)

Tips & Tricks

  • Use notecards with landmarks to create educational tours or scavenger hunts
  • You can embed notecards within notecards, thus creating a sort of book with book chapters
  • Look for scripts that interact with learners by providing text or audio prompts