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Student Projects: Providing Information to Learners

Slideshows take a bad rap in Second Life. I've often heard that Second Life should only be used to teach things we can't teach in the real world. Why is that? And what does that really mean? If I am a teacher (or student) who creates a slideshow (a presentation of information) that I can leave in a sim for others to view at any time of day or night, aren't I really doing something I can't do in the "real world." Or, if I create a slideshow and give a live presentation simultaneously to learners around the globe, aren't I doing something I can't do in real life? Second Life is just a technical interface...think of it as as a 3D version of the internet. On the internet, we can get information, socialize, create clubs, buy things, participate in live events, and on. All of these things can and do happen in SL. The point is not to believe that teaching in Second Life (or in real life, for that matter) is all about creating a slideshow and then lecturing about the points on the slide.

Learners must be provided information (content) in some form. There are various forms that the presentation of information can take while inworld. Here are some common ways teachers provide content in SL:

1. Slideshows: author advance only (good for lectures and presentations), and all-user advance (great for exhibits)
2. Textured prim with notecard included
3. URL provider (this opens any webpage while the user remains inworld)
4. Books (these can be worn and read as a HUD, or rezed inworld and read by alt-zooming)
5. Video (these can be much easier to create than you think)

What's cool about each of these above products is that STUDENTS can also make these items to show evidence of their own learning! Remember, we all learn best by doing. So create content--and let your students create and show their own synthesis of content.

Check our Resources page for more info on supplies to create these types of informational products.


  • Identify a variety of forms for content presentation in Second Life

Today's Activities

  • Discuss strengths and weaknesses of the above five forms of content presentation

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