Sky classroom
Session 5: Building in the Sky

Why build in the sky? Virtual worlds offer a unique capability of thinking outside of the physical constraints of gravity imposed by the real world. Not only can we build on land, but we have the capability to easily build in the sky. Sky building increases your available space, but not your number of prims. By creating various "floors" in any plot, and inserting teleporters to move between floors, an educator can create a classroom space, meeting place, gardens, display or exhibit areas, a laboratory, etc. Consider our workshop, for example. Since we want to use the island as our base for assigning building plots to workshop participants, the sky became a natural location to host our classroom meeting space.

Consider the needs of your particular class of students. Do you need various "locations" that meet different purposes--discussion, building, living, exhibits, etc? Or consider the organization of the course content itself. Does it make sense to create various sky locations that host different content based on the class syllabus?

Once you decide to put a location in the sky, you'll need some basics for skybuilding. A "flight feather" or "ninja feather" is essential to wear when you are building in the sky. An avatar can only fly up appx. 200 meters. To build above 200 meters, you'll want to wear a flight feather so you can fly outside and around the build. Some people like to use a builder's skybox. This is a huge box that rezzes in the sky. You build inside the box, and when done, can keep or delete the box. MystiTool HUD also has a nice sky rezzer feature.

Once you have a skybuild or platform in place, you'll want to establish a teleport system to move quickly between the platforms. This week, you'll create a skybuild and a quick and simple teleport. We'll also look at more advanced teleport systems such as Thomas Hanover's teleport which is automatically networked, programmable, and tracks usage of various teleport locations.

Check our Resources page for more information on sky building.


  • Identify various purposes of educational sky building
  • Design and build in the sky
  • Create a teleport system between sky and ground locations

Today's Activities

Today's Building Projects

Tips & Tricks

  • Using flight feather, ninja feathers, or jet packs
  • Build in the sky in 5 seconds or less
  • Using beacons to check sky placement
  • "Locking" your builds