Educational Exhibit
Showcase & Exhibit

Students' ability to showcase and exhibit their work for others promotes powerful learning, and create opportunities for future social networking and collaboration. Consider taking the opportunity to discuss and share your work live with others in a Showcase event, if you so choose. This is a chance to share your learning with other teachers who can learn from work, and gain acknowledgment and feedback for your efforts.

There are many social networks in SL that we can use to promote showcasing and exhibits. You'll plan event announcement, and distribute among some of those networks. Once open to the public, you are also open to those who choose to "grief," or cause problems. You'll be provided with five strategies for handling griefers to support your audience control skill development!

Showcase materials available on EdTech Island, Second Life, inside Gadgetz' Factory.


  • Prepare for Showcase Event and Exhibit
  • Capitalize on social networks for encouraging dialog and collaboration
  • Identify strategies for handling griefers

Today's Activities

  • Strategies for leading others through exhibits for maximum learning
  • Using inworld and web-based social networks to notify others of your events
  • Five strategies for handling griefers

Today's Building Projects

  • Prepare your plot for exhibit
  • Prepare a notice of your exhibit
  • Set up an email laptop
  • Optional: Live participation in a "Showcase Event"

Tips & Tricks