Session 1: Building Tutorials

Inworld Locations

Ivory Tower (building tutorials)
Design Center, Idea City (intermediate building tutorials)
College of Scripting, Music & Science (free tutorials on building and scripting; scripts)
NCI (free and low-cost classes)
TUi NEO (free and low-cost classes)
Tutorials to Go
Crated Classes! (building project tutorials & supplies)
EDTECH sandbox (free building tutorial and prim rezzer)
Linden's Sculpted Prims
Builders' Resource Center
The Particle Laboratory
Texture Tutorials


Learn building at the Ivory Tower atch?v=jcdtU485BqQ
YouTube (query "Second Life" and "build")
Second Life Official Video Site


SL Tutorials: Building
Second Life Creation Portal
Natalia Zelmanov's Builder Tutorials
Linden's Texture Tutorials

T-Shirt Tutorial

If you would like to bring a customized t-shirt texture to class on Tuesday, follow Robin Wood's t-shirt tutorial at: Catalog/Technical/SL-Tuts/ SLTutSet.html OR the Artrage tutorial at http://vidtuts.s3.amazonaws. com/Make-an-awesome-shirt- with-ArtRage.mp4

For more info on customized clothing, see: 2007/04/day-202-robin- sojourner-woods-texture.html

Session 2: Where Do I Build?


EDTECH sandbox
SJSU sandbox
Harbinger's Haven Builder's Sandbox

Where Do I Live?

Educators Coop (plot rentals for educators)
NMC Campus (classroom rentals)
SL Tutorials: lands, estates & tier

Parcel Settings

Linden's Parcel Media
Internet Radio Music Stream URLs



Session 3: Building Supplies

Freebie Dungeon


Buildings & Objects




Educational Supplies

Serenite Cutting Gardens
Bliss Gardens
Antiquity Builders
Linden landscaping (build menu)
Antiquity Builders (huge prims)
EDTECH island (prim rezzer)
Sirena's (skybox & other freebies)
Antiquity Builders
Texture Paradise (P)
Titan Textures (P, historical)
Twisted Thorn Textures (P)
EDTECH island
Antiquity Builders
Ceawlin Creations
EDTECH island
Script & Animation Factory
College of Scripting
The Particle Laboratory
Temporal's Script Repository (free)
EDTECH island
Center for Virtual Educators
Angel Island

Texture Organizers

Free texture organizer
Texture Master Texture Organizer, KC Engineering (P)
TBase Texture/Sculpty/Sound Browser
TMAT Texture Organizer
Hippo Texture Organizer
Linden's Texture Tools (tons of texture resources)

Prim Finders/Rezzers

Crystal Gadgets (P)

Other Building Tools

Skidz Primz
Prim Docker
See SLExchange

Inworld Building Groups

Builder's Exchange
Builder's Society
Building Shelter
Linden Script Tutorial Group
Script Collectors
Free Script Library
Primtionary Host

Primtionary is a fun, interactive game for those who like to build or watch other builders

Session 4: Sounds, Scripts, Animations


Free sound clips you can import into SL or
Linden video tutorials (voice chat)
Tutorial: Audacity (sound recording)


LSL Library
Heaton's Free SL Script Recipes Book
LSL (Linden Scripting Language) Wiki
The Particle Laboratory
Auto-script generator (great tool for easily customizing your own scripts)
LSL Examples
Custom Script Maker


Create and upload an animation into SL
Linden Animation Info
Avimator (free SL animator)

Session 5: Skybuilding

Builder's Skybox
Landlazer, property marker for skybuilding
MystiTool (sky rezzer platform option)
Hippotech Free Teleporter
How high can you fly?